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Hi, I'm Jodi!

When I started in this work, I wanted to work with people who were incarcerated to help them find success post-release. I quickly saw that individual-level solutions are limited in their effectiveness when individuals are living in oppressive societies.


I saw that in order to make systems change, I needed to speak the language of the power holders.

That language is data.

From there, I've made helping nonprofit and government human services organizations measure and increase their impact my life’s work. My team and I have served as external evaluators and community researchers for hundreds of organizations, but we saw a gap in the sector. Human services organizations are stretched beyond what's reasonable. They focus on achieving their mission and keeping enough funding coming through the doors to do so. But often times the skills needed to meet their mission aren't the same as the skills needed to measure and show their impact. By increasing data capacity, organizations can better define and measure their impact, allowing them to modify programming to maximize equitable impact. Organizations can then use data to demonstrate their impact, in turn helping funders see a greater impact from their investments.

“We know we're doing good work day in and day out, but we want better. We want to figure out how to increase equity and maximize our impact. Tracking our data and using it to guide decisions helps us get there.”

Petersen Research Consultants (PRC) specializes in helping organizations clarify their programming, define measurable outputs and outcomes, collect data to assess those outcomes, utilize data to improve programming, and share those learnings to tell their story. Sometimes that comes in the form of a community needs assessment, where we help an organization better understand how to serve their clients and community. Sometimes that comes in the form of helping family courts use criminogenic risk assessment to decrease bias and reduce juvenile reoffending.

Whatever your sector, whatever your desired impact,

if you aim to help improve outcomes for people,

You're our kind of people.

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