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Data For Impact.

Does your nonprofit do good work but struggle to show data to prove it?  Do you have good concepts, but need help putting the pieces together?

We believe that nonprofits are the experts at what they do and shouldn't have to be the experts at data and measuring impact too.  

We're here to help!  

We specialize in helping nonprofits clarify their programming, define measurable outputs and outcomes, collect data, utilize data to improve programming, and use data to tell their story.  Data have a role in every component of a nonprofit, but that doesn't mean that data should get in the way of doing your work.  Data should help, not inhibit.  

Why do we need to think about how to use data?

Data can help clarify program activities and goals, explain more about who your participants are and what their needs may be, and inform your daily decisions around how to better achieve the impact you want.

When thinking about data for nonprofits, we think of it as a life cycle.  The graphic below shows the questions that you may be facing at each step of the life cycle.  There are also some overarching questions that pertain to data, as shown on the right below.  We can help with facilitating every step of the process during both formative and ongoing nonprofit phases.